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Welcome to the Green School Wiki - Test Run

Here is where we will set up some prototype stuff for our Wiki run.

What are out primary aims for this Wiki?

  • To create a course bank that references the past works of teachers while allowing for future edits
  • To allow for a select group of users to set up structures around this course bank at this moment, with hopes to extend editing rights to the faculty of Green School Bali, potentially other Green Schools as they come online.
  • To showcase some basic structures for others to get an idea of what we envision

Primary Page Types

The Course Catalogue

We will start with some initial pages that reflect the core of what we are ultimately looking at doing. Our first page type will be the Sample Course Page which presents what a course layout page will look like. These are built off the course statements, but the intention in that it holds much more than a simple course statement.

This is another Course Sample Here.... just in case you are interested!

Hey Emily... here is your page to play with... Course - The Coconut Revolution

And.... here is a totally blank template page that future courses can be built from (please edit as necessary)

Here is an example of Adventure Math - Algebra that Driver is putting up

We will also need a directory of courses, arranged alphabetically and by categories... these will be autopopulated and based on metadata pulled from the infoboxes created within each course. There is some work linked to this to get us organized here, so stay tuned!

The Green School Way

This is another piece of work that has been happening on an alternative wiki at the moment. It can all be amalgamated for convenience and all that jazz.... but Let's address this with a group chat!

Teaching Tools

This is a portal that can work to help teachers with a variety of resources that may help them. Again, there is a big discussion around how this may be organized and curated. However, it could become one of the principal functions of the wiki. Again... conversations needed!

Getting started